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Making a LinkedIn post can be a time-consuming task, but a LinkedIn post maker can make your life way easier.

Making a LinkedIn post consists of many tasks. First, you have to come up with an idea for a post, then you have to write the content of your LinkedIn post.

Now that your post is written, do you think you are done? Not at all!

You can write the best piece of content on LinkedIn, but without proper formatting, your LinkedIn post is a piece of trash. That’s where a great LinkedIn text formatter comes into the picture. With a LinkedIn text formatter, you can easily format your LinkedIn post to make it readable and more attractive for your LinkedIn audience. And you are not done! At what time and on which day will you publish it? Do you know what the best time to post on LinkedIn is? The performance of your post will depend heavily on when your audience is the most active on LinkedIn.

Here is how you can master your LinkedIn content creation

Idea generation

Generate some ideas for your piece of content, most of the time, you can look at your previous best-performing posts and select some of them. From your selection, you will be able to brainstorm and come up with new ideas that are related to your previous content. You can also automate this task by using Blabigo. Blabigo looks at your historical LinkedIn content performance, selects the best pieces of content, and generate new post ideas based on them.

Write the content

Now that you have fresh post ideas, it is time to write the content. You will need a hook for your post. The hook is essentially the first 2 sentences of your posts. These are the phrases that will catch the attention of your audience to make them hit the “see more” more button and actually read what you wanna say. The hook needs to be catchy and invite your LinkedIn reader (indirectly) to click on the “see more” button.

For the rest of your post, try to implement storytelling in your writing. Make sure that your story stands right and is well-connected. Don’t jump from one topic to another. Make sure it is easily readable and understandable by most people.

For the hooks, Blabigo comes with a selection of hooks that you can easily use and repurpose for your own posts. Blabigo also includes a LinkedIn post maker that will generate a LinkedIn post with AI in a matter of seconds. After you generate your post with our LinkedIn post maker, you will be able to format it with the LinkedIn text formatter.

Format your LinkedIn post with the LinkedIn Text formatter from Blabigo

With the Blabigo LinkedIn post maker, you will be able to apply fonts such as bold, italics, and much more. The tool includes bullet points, a numbered list, and many more fancy things you can apply.

The Blabigo post maker comes with a readability score, while you write your post, Blabigo will calculate and show your post readability score. This score will help you understand how easily understandable and readable your LinkedIn post is. The score comes in the form of a number and an emotional emoji.

Post Scheduling Tool

Now it is time to post your content. But at what time will you post it? Which day is better for you?

Well, we’ve got you covered! Blabigo will tell you which day and time works for you best! We analyze your historical data and based on that, we give you suggestions for your future posts and that’s how you will know what is the best time to post on LinkedIn tailored for your needs and based on your audience. No generic guesswork.

After you choose the time and day to post your content, you can easily schedule your post to be published on LinkedIn automatically with the Blabigo LinkedIn post scheduling tool.

Analyze your LinkedIn Post Performance

Posting is one thing, performance is another. Blabigo comes with a suite of LinkedIn analytics tools that will help you understand the performance of your posts. You will know which format performs best. We will analyze all your published posts and compare their performance.

This is how you will understand which format performs better for you.

Are you looking for a simple LinkedIn post maker?

Check out our basic free version: LinkedIn post maker

Here is our free LinkedIn Text formatter as well.

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