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How to bold text in LinkedIn post

If you landed here, you are probably looking for a linkedin text formatter or linkedin post formatter. Well, we’ve got your back, we will guide you through how to bold text in LinkedIn post using a LinkedIn formatting tools. You probably want to make your LinkedIn text bold or apply underline in order to make it shine and outline your core message in bold or other fonts. So if you want to bold text in a LinkedIn post and looking for LinkedIn text formatter or LinkedIn formatting tool, then you are at the right place.

LinkedIn doesn’t support changing fonts natively, but it is possible to change fonts in a LinkedIn post using a LinkedIn formatting tool.

In order to change the font in your LinkedIn post, you will need to have access to a LinkedIn post formatter or also known as a LinkedIn font generator or even LinkedIn Formatting tool. There are plenty of tools out there that will help you change most characters into the font you desire. All these tools use the Unicode standard.

Blabigo has also built LinkedIn post formatting tools, we currently have 2 main tools:

  • The first one is an advanced one, more targeted towards people that are looking to grow their LinkedIn account and be more efficient when it comes to formatting. The second option is a paid version as it comes with AI features and more.
  • The second one is a free option that offers basic features such as bold, italics underline etc…

Option 1 – Advanced LinkedIn Text formatter with Preview features and more (LinkedIn Formatting Tool)

The first option is the most advanced LinkedIn text formatter in the market. It comes with options to bold, italics, underline, and many more fonts for LinkedIn text. The tool includes more productivity features such as bullet lists, numbered lists, emojis keyboard for LinkedIn. The best part of it, is the preview feature which helps you optimize your text for LinkedIn so that readers can read your hook as you wish them to do. Your text won’t be truncated and it will perform better on LinkedIn. Click here to navigate to the tool. Below is a screenshot:

With the advanced LinkedIn Text formatter from Blabigo, the advanced LinkedIn formatting tool includes these features:

  • LinkedIn Formatting Tools: As discussed above, the LinkedIn formatting tool allows you to format your LinkedIn text and apply fonts such as bold, italics, and many more other fonts. It also includes an emojis keyboard as well as a symbols keyboard. The LinkedIn formatting tool is also very useful to apply bullet points, lists, and indent. These are the tools you need to successfully format your LinkedIn text.
  • LinkedIn Preview: The LinkedIn preview is a what you see is what you get, it helps you previsualize how your LinkedIn post will appear on LinkedIn. You will be able to previsualize your LinkedIn post on desktop, mobile, and tablets. This is a very helpful feature to optimize your hook post for more devices. As you know, the hook is one of the most important pieces of your LinkedIn post.
  • A Readability score: The LinkedIn formatting tool also includes a readability score. The readability score automatically calculate and indicates to you how difficult your LinkedIn text is for readers to read. The greener the better. Don’t let your post be in the red zone …
  • Reading time: You don’t wanna make your text too long, but you also don’t want it to be too short … The reading time estimation is very good indicator that can tell you how long it takes for your readers to finish reading your LinkedIn post. Don’t make it too long, readers will drop off…
  • Generate LinkedIn Post with AI: You are running out of text? but do you have a great post idea? no worries, just type In your content idea in the LinkedIn AI post generator and the LinkedIn formatting tools will take care of generating your content. The generator supports multiple languages and you can even set up your tone preferred tone of voice.
  • A wide selection of hook: Hooks are the bread and butter for LinkedIn posts. We have selected a wide selection of LinkedIn post hooks that you can browse and search from and pick the one you like.
  • A wide selection endings: Endings are what drive action in a LinkedIn post, our LinkedIn formatting tools include wide selection of endings that will help drive engagement and even sales.
  • LinkedIn Scheduling Tool: You wrote the perfect post? You can easily schedule your post to be automatically published on LinkedIn.

You want to give our advanced LinkedIn formatting tool a try? Click here and we will take your to the sign up page. A free trial is awaiting you.

Option 2 – Free LinkedIn Text formatter

The second option is the free option. It includes a more basic feature set that will help you format your LinkedIn text completely for free. The free LinkedIn text formatter from Blabio will let you apply bold, italic, underline, strikethrough etc… to your LinkedIn text. No need to sign up, no payment, no surprises. Click here to navigate to the free tool.

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