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7 Expert Tips to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn Today (LinkedIn posting tips 2024)

You have been writing content on LinkedIn for a while and your performance is not as high as you expect?

Your LinkedIn post impression? Low

Your LinkedIn post reactions (likes)? Mediocre

Your LinkedIn post comments? close to 0.

We’ve got ya!

In this article, we want to share some tips and tricks that will help you optimize your LinkedIn posts for the LinkedIn algorithm to improve and increase your LinkedIn post impressions, your LinkedIn post reactions, and your LinkedIn post comments.

Crafting an amazing LinkedIn post that performs well comes with a cost.

It takes post formatting, and outstanding content, hooks, endings, and more.

Here is a way of how you should see and optimize your LinkedIn posts:

1. Make people stop scrolling on their LinkedIn feed:

Imagine LinkedIn as a stream of content/ posts. People are scrolling through an endless stream of information, and often, the scrolling speed is high and you have less than 1 second to stop people from scrolling, and you want them to stop on your post.

Especially for people having a larger LinkedIn audience, what helps to stop people from scrolling is an image (they work better than videos), a catchy image. For example, a picture of yourself doing something interesting.

That’s the reason why we have added image support to Blabigo, starting today, you can add as many images as you want to your post, schedule and they will be published automatically with your post.

2. Make people curious to read more:

You know the see more button on the posts, don’t you? That is your next step of optimization. The first sentence of your post plays a vital role in how your post will perform. In the industry, we call this first sentence a hook. The hook needs to be catchy and make people click on the see more button, you have around 1.7 seconds to get people’s attention.

You need inspiration for hooks? Blabigo has a newly added library of hooks that perform well, easily find a hook and add it to your post directly while you are crafting your LinkedIn post on Blabigo. You can also filter hooks by tags or search for a specific one by text. Try it out, you will love our hooks. We have also added some hooks in the trial plan.

3. Make people spend time reading your post:

This is your story, this is your tone of voice, this is how people recognize you. In your core post, write short sentences, understandable by 7th grade, use our integrated readability score, and try to write something with a score of 7, maximum of 8.

You can use our integrated post-draft generator or our brand-new templates. Yes, templates. They work really well.

Templates are posts that we have curated for you based on their LinkedIn performance. Starting today, you can select from a library of templates, write the topic you want to talk about, and we will generate a draft based on the template you selected. Pretty good isn’t it?

One more thing, the length of your post matters, we have analysed around a million posts and we have seen that posts with something around 1500 characters perform the best. Not too long, but long enough for LinkedIn to understand that your content is interesting for people to read. Use our post character counter that you will find in the post editor. Very helpful.

4. Make LinkedIn know that your content generates discussions

LinkedIn wants people to have conversations on the platform. They know that by the reactions and comments on your post. The more comments you have, the better the LinkedIn algorithm will rank your post and the more visibility it gets.

The last sentence of your post plays a vital role here. The last sentence is what we call ending. In this part, you want to ask people a question e.g. about their opinion, or you ask for advice or their experience, be creative ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are introducing endings. Browse our curated list of endings and select the one you like. Adapt it to your post and your voice and you’re done. Easy going! We have also added some endings in the trial plan. Enjoy!

5. How will people actually see your post?

LinkedIn has a complicated way of showing your posts, but it is extremely important to understand. You don’t want your words to be cut off, you want your post to be perfectly visualized. With the Blabigo post-preview feature, you will be able to preview your post and optimize for the click more, really crucial.

6. Performance

Knowing what works well is crucial. This is why we are introducing basic analytics for posts. Starting today, you will be able to know how many likes and comments your posts have generated easily. Likes and comments are what truly matter in LinkedIn performance KPIs. This is what LinkedIn uses to rank posts. Impressions are an indicator of quantity, but we believe quality trumps quantity. Enjoy!

7. How does all of this apply to my LinkedIn Pages?

All of the above works for personal profiles and also for company pages. Yes, you read it right, we are introducing company pages to Blabigo.

In the Blabigo Business plan, you will be able to connect your company page and have access to all the features available for personal profiles and more.

When we designed Blabigo, our goal was to make it affordable, and today we are making it even more affordable so we are offering a 15% discount. Consider this as our Christmas present ๐ŸŽ… โ„๏ธ here is the discount code: BLBGBLG15

PS: The discount applies for the first 3 months of your membership, the offer is valid until the end of this month (December 31st).

Try out Blabigo at Blabigo. Sign up directly on the Blabigo platform.

Greetings from beautiful Munich ๐Ÿฅจ๐Ÿป

The Blabigo team.

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