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12 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Page in 2024

Your LinkedIn Page serves as a central hub for individuals to truly understand your brand, playing a pivotal role in fueling growth both in 2024 and beyond.

While it does provide a snapshot of your products and services, its primary purpose extends beyond that – it’s a platform designed to captivate and engage your audience. By approaching it as a dynamic marketing tool instead of a static “About Us” page, you unlock the potential to establish thought leadership, enhance brand awareness, and motivate your audience to take meaningful actions.

LinkedIn Pages Best Practices

Here are some fundamental guidelines to enhance your LinkedIn Page:

  1. Cultivate a reliable and consistent voice by sharing content once or twice daily.
  2. Incorporate compelling visuals to capture attention effectively.
  3. Pose insightful questions that stimulate comments and engagement.
  4. Ensure your Page is comprehensive, utilizing all tabs and fields, as Pages with complete information witness a 30% increase in weekly views.

For those initiating their journey, explore our LinkedIn Pages best practices for valuable advice and examples. If your Page is already active, delve into these 12 tips to captivate your audience and foster interaction.

How to Increase Engagement on Your LinkedIn Page

1. Incorporate Compelling Visuals

A few years back at CES, Instagram’s Lila King highlighted a shift from text-heavy communication to a predominantly visual style. While keyboards aren’t obsolete just yet, she was spot-on about the power of images and videos in capturing attention, often surpassing well-crafted headlines.

Leverage this by uploading native videos onto your LinkedIn Page. Experiment with varying video lengths to cater to different objectives, allowing viewers a sneak peek into what awaits them if they decide to click through.

Elevate the visual appeal of your LinkedIn Page by incorporating captivating and distinct images into all your updates. Optimal image dimensions for Sponsored Content and organic posts are 1200×627. Consider using unique, “non-stocky” images with a focus on diversity, leverage your in-house photos, or design graphics using platforms like Canva and Pixlr.

To amplify visual interest, craft an eye-catching cover image and refresh it at least every six months. Treat your cover image as an extension of your brand, showcasing different teams, promoting upcoming events, or announcing seasonal campaigns. As an illustration, we revamped our header image to spotlight the launch of our Make B2B Everything It Can Be campaign.

2. Keep Your Updates Short, Sweet, and Spicy

Capture your followers’ attention swiftly with updates that are short, sweet, and spicy. You have only a few seconds to entice them to click, so be direct: convey the value in as few as 150 characters.

Infuse personality into your updates. Pose a stimulating question, highlight a key aspect of the linked content, or spark a bit of controversy. Personalize it by addressing your audience directly, like, “Tech marketers, share your thoughts on the future of VR. Is it gaining traction?”

3. Adopt the 4-1-1 Rule

Embrace the 4-1-1 rule, a familiar concept for many marketers, reminiscent of the ’90s query, “What’s the 4-1-1?”

According to this guideline, for each self-promotional piece of content, supplement it with an update from an external source, and crucially, share four pieces of content authored by others. This rule ensures your feed remains focused on addressing your audience’s needs, transforming it into a platform that prioritizes valuable information from diverse sources rather than solely showcasing your organization. Balancing your posts in this way enhances the overall value of your content.

4. Leverage Tracking Links

As highlighted earlier, your LinkedIn Page serves as a powerful marketing tool with built-in analytics tools for assessing each post’s popularity and engagement. However, take it a step further by incorporating tracking codes at the end of your links. This enables you to accurately trace traffic to your website originating from each update. By doing so, you might discover that your LinkedIn Page evolves into a significant source of inbound traffic.

5. Avoid using Links

While we generally advocate for including links in your updates—posts with links typically experience 45% higher engagement—we’ve observed that occasional linkless posts can also garner a strong response. Use posts without links sparingly, and they will stand out. Content that sparks thoughts or inspires often attracts high engagement, even without a direct link. Strike a balance between linked and linkless posts to maintain variety and capture diverse audience interests.

6. Utilize Showcase Pages to Spotlight Your Brands, Business Units, or Initiatives

For brands, business units, or initiatives that provide distinct value to specific segments of your audience, we recommend the creation of Showcase Pages. This approach allows followers to tailor their engagement by choosing to follow the specific facets of your company that interest them the most.

Showcase Pages enable targeted updates for each audience segment, creating a personalized feed for individual interests. With identical posting options and analytics as your main LinkedIn Page, Showcase Pages facilitate the monitoring and growth of unique audiences. As an example, we recently introduced the LinkedIn Collective Showcase Page, dedicated to exploring the evolving landscape of work in B2B marketing from an expert perspective.

7. Leverage the Content Suggestions Tool

Exploit the potential of the Content Suggestions tool, a valuable resource for swiftly identifying the current topics and articles resonating with your target audience. The tool tailors its suggestions based on factors such as location, industry, job function, and seniority. When planning content, especially for initiating or contributing to specific conversations, the Content Suggestions tool proves instrumental. While exploring the suggestions, brainstorm questions that can propel discussions around particular topics.

8. Harness Hashtags for Visibility and Community Connection

Integrate hashtags into your posts to enhance discoverability and signal to your audience the specific topics your content addresses. This not only increases findability but also facilitates connection with existing communities. Utilize hashtags from those communities to attract followers and consider creating hashtags for themed content initiatives, offering an easy way for followers to locate related content.

9. Actively Respond to Comments

Maximize the impact of your posts by asking questions that stimulate comments. However, the real magic happens when you engage with those comments, building trust and loyalty. Responding to comments transforms your Page into a dynamic, people-centric space, showcasing its active engagement. While you might not respond to every comment, prioritize those where your input adds value for the commenter or other viewers. The recent update allows admins to respond to comments as the LinkedIn Page on external content.

10. Mobilize Your Entire Team for Engagement

Extend your team-centric approach beyond marketing by involving executives, subject matter experts, and employees from various departments. Encourage regular engagement by resharing their notable mentions and LinkedIn content. Boost the reach of essential content by notifying employees who might find it relevant. Recognize team members and achievements with shout-outs from your Page. Leverage the “My Company” tab to cultivate internal engagement within a trusted, employee-only community.

11. Establish a Newsletter for Subscriber Growth and Page Visibility

Newsletters offer a consistent avenue for thought leadership and brand recall. When publishing an Article from your Page, opt for the “Create a Newsletter” feature, providing options such as title, description, logo, and cadence. Once published, the Newsletter becomes an Article in your Page feed, notifying all followers. Align the content with your brand community’s interests, making the Newsletter an ongoing method to attract and engage a qualified audience. Analyze analytics to refine future editions and shape your broader LinkedIn content strategy.

12. Amplify Your Top Posts

Boost the visibility of your LinkedIn Page by amplifying your best-performing posts. This strategy ensures your content reaches beyond your existing followers. Consider boosting posts that showcase industry thought leadership, customer spotlights, or new product launches. Utilize the Boost feature for posts demonstrating early success with your Page followers, leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting features to expand their reach to a demographically similar yet broader audience.

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