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How To Preview LinkedIn Post Before Publishing (Updated 2024)

We’ve all experienced it: you invest time crafting a LinkedIn post, carefully choosing when to share it and what message to convey. You feel content with the content and confidently hit the publish button. However…

It doesn’t present well in the feed!

The text gets abruptly truncated. Paragraphs seem hefty and overpowering. The opening line (or hook) fails to display properly, and the final sentence is concealed behind the “see more” button.

What now?

You find yourself with three less-than-ideal choices:

  • Edit the post, with no guarantee of success (and the potential risk of lowering your reach).
  • Delete and repost (which is less than ideal, especially if you’ve already gained some traction).
  • Leave it as is, accepting that it won’t reach its full potential.

Each time this situation arises, familiar thoughts cross your mind.

“Oh, if only there were a way to preview my post before publishing!”

Well, guess what?

There is!

In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to do just that. We’ll provide you with precise instructions on previewing your LinkedIn post before hitting the publish button, ensuring it looks perfect in the feed.

So, let’s dive in!

Why does the presentation of your post in the feed matter?

The significance of how your post appears in the feed stems from a combination of two factors:

1) LinkedIn’s algorithm preferences

2) human psychology.

LinkedIn’s algorithm values a click on the ‘see more’ button twice as much as a ‘like’. This indicates that the algorithm favors posts that prompt users to expand and read the entire content.

From a psychological standpoint, individuals are more inclined to engage with content that is visually appealing and easy to comprehend. When scrolling through the feed, a user’s attention is limited, and only the most captivating posts will prompt them to pause and click ‘see more’.

Engagement Involves both Content and Presentation

Recognizing this, it’s evident that engagement goes beyond mere content; it also hinges on its presentation. To optimize engagement, your posts should:

Include a Captivating Hook: The initial lines should captivate the reader, compelling them to click ‘see more.’

Display Good Formatting: Posts should be visually appealing and easy on the eyes. They should be formatted for easy readability and quick scanning.

Be Clear and Concise: The message should not demand excessive effort from the reader to comprehend what is being conveyed.

Consider this: As you scroll through your feed, how do you decide when to pause and read a post?

Chances are, you stop when a post grabs your attention, right?

But what exactly captures your attention?

Typically, it’s those initial sentences visible in the feed without requiring a click on “see more.”

If those opening sentences succeed in grabbing your attention, the primary goal of the post is achieved: to make you stop and click “see more.”


What happens when you click “see more” and encounter a post with numerous paragraphs that are difficult to read?

You likely scroll down and move on, correct?

Conversely, if you click to “see more” and the post is well-formatted and effortlessly readable, you’re more inclined to read it in its entirety and engage with it. This signifies the completion of the post’s second objective: to ensure you read it through.

Rest assured, others are following a similar pattern.

This behavior is largely influenced by the information overload in today’s world, resulting in diminishing attention spans. The average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to a mere 8 seconds today.

How to Preview a LinkedIn Post

For those new to LinkedIn or unfamiliar with it, previewing a post involves checking how it will appear in the feed before publishing.

And as we’ve already emphasized, this step is crucial, making a significant difference between a post that gets noticed and one that doesn’t.

So, how can you preview your LinkedIn post?

The answer is: By using Blabigo.

LinkedIn itself lacks a built-in preview function, prompting us to create Blabigo, the all-in-one LinkedIn content creation tool.

When I recognized the importance of previewing posts, I sought a method that didn’t require posting and then deleting/editing the content.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any solution for that. LinkedIn lacks a preview function, and no existing tools offered the capability to preview posts.

This realization sparked the idea to develop a LinkedIn post preview tool.

A tool enabling LinkedIn users to preview their posts before publishing.

A tool designed to save time and assist in creating better content with an integrated LinkedIn AI post generator.

A tool aimed at boosting engagement on posts.

And that’s how Blabigo came into existence.

With Blabigo, you can preview your post before publishing, ensuring it aligns with your vision.

You can format LinkedIn posts to enhance readability, utilizing features like bold and italicized text, and add emojis to make your post more engaging. Regarding formatting, we also have a basic version available for free to help you format your LinkedIn Post without creating a Blabigo account.

Additionally, you can save posts as drafts, allowing you to revisit and edit them later.

And when you are ready, you can schedule your posts to be published on LinkedIn automatically on the date and time you choose.

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